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Great piece

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Hi Jason,

I just discovered your page and work.

Your outline of the Twitter Coup, in a normal uncensored world where the public seeking the truth was considered as important to us as to our leadership, would have had millions and millions of views - which is frankly what it deserves.

Even though Substack is a free speech platform it's articles still get attacked if you publish anything that goes against the narratives of the Davos globalists agenda - I have had several of my articles shared on other media sites and the ones that really ask hard questions, or call out real evil always seem to be braked by the algorithms.

Substack has in effect become a digital prison for the freedom community.

We come in here and call out the evil and only those in the community are hearing it.

Ask ten people "Have you heard of Substack" and you get 9 negatives.

But we do what we can.

I have one small criticism of your work and it is I admit a pet peeve.

Almost all Americans who are fighting the fascism of the deep state think that the fight is about American and themselves. It is not. The American Silicon Valley cyber terrorists and their fascist deep state and Demonrat partners are censoring ALL OF HUMANITY - in almost EVERY NATION on earth.

This is a global war.

Not an American war.

Ivan M. Paton

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Where is story??

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Makes sense to me. I was targeted by FISA starting during the DAVID SWEAT escape when I tried helping a friend from the same prison deport back to GERMANY who was an alleged skinhead who couldn’t do it normally, using lists of fake serial killed women he asked me to use and I didn’t until the escape when I thought I had been followed, which made me think they used something I invented to escape, a drill made from a pencil sharpener grinder affixed to the spinning rod of a fan without the fan blades, I used his name on a lady with a dead son I thought would use it, and never identified myself to her.. in turn they started lying I snitched on him after they found him and he identified me as his helper and showed them the lists and had explained it all... or something along those lines... I don’t know.. because I started hearing TRUMP being told I was due a reward and at the same time they started lying that I’m one of 2 brothers (that’s true) that come once in a long time at the turning of a chapter in the church like Constantine and his brother, and how we are like gods, after OBAMA claimed REVELATIONS was happening after TRUMP started running for office. Even using him or someone who looks like him and my step fathers father whose the preacher who preached that BS, on the HISTORY channel episode I got that info from, and how I even know that. Both Constantine and his brother later became popes !

The surveillance doesn’t just spy it also electrocutes and electrocuted me several times. They even claim to use me to kill because it is my tallent. Claiming that I kill people using the electricity as if it’s not them pushing a fucking button !

I’ve posted it to social media and is easy to find me. I have a couple profiles, one with ODIN’s horse and another with an old family photo from the 80’s, or 90’s. It’s me my little brother mom and dad. My dad is holding me and my mom holding my little brother.

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Hi Jason!

Michele Dehn here.

Can you please check your email for shellydib6466@gmail.com

Need help with odysee

Thank you!

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